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If you think hair colour is not for you, think again!

Imagine seven beautiful shades of colour and that too, with the grey coverage that you have always dreamed of.

We have them right here!

But that's not what makes our crème really special. Here's our secret - it is enriched with aloe and milk protein conditioning formula. No wonder then, it makes your hair so incredibly soft. And it gets even better. Our crème doesn't contain ammonia; so, it saves your hair from all that damage!*

With hair so healthy, your beauty just shines through!

Our crème comes in pre-measured sachets. That means no more calculations. We have everything in the perfect proportion. All you need to do is just mix, apply and rinse. It really is that simple!

And we saved the best for last. All of this will cost you just 30 rupees. No wonder then, that millions of Indians are already using our Godrej Expert Rich Crème - the best ever hair colour from Godrej Expert. So, come join them!

*Based on lab tensile strength results.
Goodness of aloe vera
& milk protein

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Safety of
no ammonia

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pre-measured sachets

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Godrej Expert Rich Crème

Godrej Expert Rich Crème - Our #BestEverHairColour

Godrej Expert Rich Crème Hair Colour - Oh My God! Kannada

Godrej Expert Rich Crème Hair Colour - Oh My God!

Godrej Expert Rich Crème Hair Colour - Ambat God Marathi

Godrej Expert Rich Crème Hair Colour - Oh My God! Malayalam

Godrej Expert Rich Crème Hair Colour - Oh My God! Tamil

Godrej Expert Rich Crème Hair Colour - Oh My God! Telugu

Godrej Expert Rich Crème Hair Colour - Ambat God Marathi

Godrej Expert Rich Crème Hair Colour - Oh My God! Is here to stay!

Godrej Expert Rich Crème Hair Colour - Ganesh Utsav - #BestEverHairColour

Godrej Expert Rich Crème Hair Colour – Pongal

Godrej Expert Rich Crème Hair Colour - Oh My God! Kannada

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Godrej Expert Rich Crème Hair Colour keep my hair soft and silky?

Unlike other crème hair colours that contain ammonia, Godrej Expert Rich Crème Hair Colour has milder colouring ingredients. These ingredients ensure no damage* to your hair proteins and as a result, keep the strength of your hair intact. It also contains an aloe vera and milk protein formula with in-built conditioners that condition your hair while colouring.

How does Godrej Expert Rich Crème deliver the colour, despite having a 'No ammonia' formulation?

Ammonia, in a hair-colour, bleaches hair and causes the strands to swell, so as to offer better colour. That's why a lot of hair colours contain ammonia.

Here's why it isn't a good idea. Ammonia is very harsh on hair. Not only does it smell unpleasant, but it can also damage hair. And the harsh chemical effect of ammonia reaches as deep as the proteins in the cortex of your hair.

So, each time you use an ammonia-based hair colour, it can make your hair more and more lifeless and brittle, and lead to reduced hair strength. In short, weak hair.

At Godrej Expert, we use milder base ingredients to lighten hair, as well as activate the colouring action, thus resulting in soft, silky and vibrantly coloured hair.

How many shades is Godrej Expert Rich Crème available in?

We currently have five beautiful shades available in our Base range and two vibrant shades in our Radiance range.

  • Base range: Natural Black (1.00), Black Brown (3.00), Dark Brown (4.06), Natural Brown (4.00) and Burgundy (4.16)
  • Radiance range: Honey Brown (5.34) and Cinnamon Red (5.56)
How frequently should I colour my hair?

As your hair grows, greys will start showing at the roots. Most people usually colour their hair every 4-6 weeks. But this depends on a number of factors, like hair growth, washing pattern, nature of work, etc. Simply put, when you start seeing greys near your temples, it's time to colour.

I have some colourant and developer left from the sachet after one use. Can I re-use them?

The contents of our sachets are designed to ensure a perfect one-time colouring experience. We advise that you use the entire contents of both sachets, so as to get the mix right. Also, as the colourant comes in contact with air, it starts losing its ability to colour and so, we discourage re-use.

I was earlier using Godrej Expert Powder Hair Colour. Which Crème shade should I now use?

The shade closest to Godrej Expert Powder Hair Colour (Original) is Godrej Expert Crème Natural Black (1.00). However, if you want a softer black, you could try our Black Brown (3.00). When you use Black Brown in the first application, it may still appear black. This would be due to the effect of your previous colour. The real colour will start showing with subsequent applications.

How do I use Godrej Expert Rich Crème Hair Colour at home?

Using Godrej Expert Rich Crème is extremely easy.

Select a shade that you like best from our shade card

Do a skin hypersensitivity test 48 hours before application

Your hair must be clean and dry before application

Always wear gloves!

Cut open the pre measured sachets and mix them in a non-metallic bowl

Section your hair and start applying the colour with a brush, from root to tip

Leave it on for 30 minutes and then rinse it off post that, for beautiful, soft hair!

Why is the skin hypersensitivity test important?

Millions of people around the world safely use hair colours regularly. However, in rare cases, allergy from hair colour products may develop at any time and at any stage in life, like many other food items we commonly know of, that are pulses, milk, brinjal, fish, crabs, etc. Hence, a skin hypersensitivity test is strongly recommended before every application of hair colour as a precautionary measure, even for regular users to ensure safe and pleasurable hair colouring experience. All safety instructions and precautions are mentioned on the pack in detail.

The skin hypersensitivity test must be done 48 hours before application on the hair. To conduct the test, cleanse a small area of skin behind the ear or inner surface of the forearm using soap and water or alcohol. Mix a small quantity of colourant and developer, apply on previously cleansed skin and allow it to dry. Keep the product on for 48 hours and observe. If there is no reaction such as reddening, burning, itching, irritation or swelling in the area that the test was conducted the product can be safely used for hair colour application.

*Based on lab tensile strength results.