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For beautiful, long-lasting hair colour, keep these simple tips in mind

You've got that gorgeous hair colour you've always wanted. The challenge now is to maintain the lustrous colour for longer. Here's how.

Avoid direct sunlight post colouring your hair

Wearing a scarf will help.

Care for the ends

Well-cut and cared for hair adds to the lustre of your hair colour. Hair trimmed once every six weeks to ensure a uniform length look healthier.

Moisturize the hair

Moisturized hair has a nourished glowing colour. You can do this with oil treatments and hair massages to keep your hair looking and feeling soft and shiny.

Eat and drink healthy

Your health affects the condition of your hair. So, drink lots of water and fresh juices. Ensure you get the right nutrients through rich sources like salads, nuts, salmon and avocados.



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