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How to care for coloured hair?

The easiest way to get a new look is with a new hair colour. But don't forget to start by choosing a product which is safe, easy to use, protects your hair and offers long lasting hair colour - like Godrej Expert Rich Crème Hair Colour. It has the goodness of aloe and milk protein that makes the hair soft & silky. Also, the no ammonia formula respects the protein in hair & keeps it soft & shiny, unlike Ammonia based crème colours. Choosing the right brand of colour, just makes the after-care almost effortless.

Still, in order to maintain the glossy shine of your coloured hair for a longer period of time, your hair require a little extra love and care. To keep your beautiful radiant colour intact, try these:

Hot oil treatments

A hot oil treatment once a week will help your hair retain moisture and shine. It will also keep your scalp healthy.

Homemade deep conditioning masks

Hydrating your hair with deep conditioning masks once a fortnight can help replenish the essential moisture in your hair. It can also work on retaining the shine and make your colour look more vibrant. Egg & honey are two homemade ingredients which can be whisked together to create the perfect hydrating conditioning mask.

Avoid heat & harsh sunlight

Exposure to harsh UV light tends to make the hair dull and lose its natural shine. Also minimize your use of heated styling tools like hair irons and blow-dryers.

You see, a simple hair care regime is all it takes to ensure your coloured hair shines on and gives you style instead of stress.



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