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The right look begins with choosing the right hair colour

Most people choose to colour their hair a different shade when grey starts showing, while others simply do it to change their appearance. Regardless of the reason, choosing a perfect hair colour for you is critical and challenging.

Does the shade suit my skin tone?

Choose a shade of hair colour that can go well with your skin tone. For instance, if you have an olive skin tone, then pick darker hair colour. If you have a paler, fairer complexion, almost any hair colour would suit you. Vibrant, rich tones especially suit darker complexions. Godrej Expert Rich Crème offers 5 shades of beautiful hair colour - Natural Black (1.00), Black Brown (3.00), Dark Brown (4.06), Natural Brown (4.00) & Burgundy (4.16). So, you can find the perfect hair colour, no matter what your skin tone.

Does the shade suit my eye colour?

Most Indians have black, dark brown or hazel eyes. A hair colour with warmer tones such as red, gold and auburn shades suit warmer toned eye colours. Godrej Expert Rich Crème also comes in the Radiance range which has 2 festive shades. Honey Brown (5.34) and Cinnamon Red (5.56)

Clothes and accessory: You can also pick a suitable hair colour by determining which colour suits you when it comes to clothes and jewellery. If you look good in colours like teal, charcoal grey, purple and red then a neutral hair colour like natural brown will suit you. If colours like black, royal blue, pine green and fuchsia look good on you; opt for cool hair tones like black, burgundy or dark brown.

Just like your skin colour, the colour of your hair depends on the presence of melanin in the hair follicles. It is important to understand that even after you colour your hair, the melanin does not change, which means that as your hair grows, it will go back to its original colour.

Can I colour my hair at home?

Godrej Expert Rich Crème Hair Colour comes in premeasured sachets of the crème & developer for a perfect mix, without the need of measurement.

So, you can be your own colour expert at home.

Now that you are well on your way to choosing the perfect hair colour make sure that the brand you choose is a safe, long-lasting hair colour like Godrej Expert.

Go on and show off your colour with confidence.



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