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Godrej Expert

Godrej Expert is a brand for the young at heart. India's largest selling hair colour, it is used by over 4 Crore users. Expert's quick, beautiful and ammonia free colours, make the complex chore of hair colouring, both fun and easy.

And that, has led to hair colouring garnering much mass appeal. At Expert, we are constantly innovating, with a focus on offering our consumers the best possible benefits - a rich crème hair colour in pre-measured sachets with aloe & milk protein conditioning formula, a unique powder hair colour that colours in just 10 mins and converts in a gel that is supremely convenient to use; All at unbelievably democratized prices. Recalibrating consumer expectations and the hair colour category itself, with each new innovation gives us a high and keeps us on our toes.

  • 1975 Godrej Expert Pack
  • 1981 Godrej Expert Pack
  • 1995 Godrej Expert Pack
  • 2008 Godrej Expert Pack
  • 2011 Godrej Expert Pack
  • 2012 Godrej Expert Pack
  • 2015 Godrej Expert Pack


Godrej Liquid Hair Dye Launched. The pioneers in the industry with the first hair colour brand.

1975 Godrej Expert Pack

Powder hair dye, our new offering.

In the following years, we get a little bolder with hair colour and develop a hair dye in the powder form. It is the first in a series of innovative hair colour offerings tailored specially for Indian consumers. They respond and how.

1981 Godrej Expert Pack

The 1st brand in India that was available in a sachet.

We transformed, from a powder hair dye in bottles to sachets - an innovative format that democratized hair colouring in India by making hair colours widely available and affordable.

1995 Godrej Expert Pack

Godrej Powder Hair Dyes re-launched as Godrej Expert.

The range of Expert Powder Hair Colours was introduced.

2008 Godrej Expert Pack

Rebranding Godrej Expert.

Godrej Expert is a clear leader in hair colours with a growing base of happy consumers. But we want to offer them more, so we undertake a big rebranding exercise and add two new variants - Care, with a natural flavour and Advanced, an exciting gel based format to our ever popular Original.

2011 Godrej Expert Pack

The revolutionary Godrej Expert Rich crème.

We re-introduce India to crème colouring in a revolutionary way - A crème colour that doesn't require measurements, doesn't smell of or contain Ammonia nor is it heavy on the pocket.

2012 Godrej Expert Pack

We introduce the revolutionary Godrej Expert Rich Creme in a new Multi-Application Pack. So colour your hair multiple times and even do root touch ups with just a single pack, in the comfort of your home.

Our Multi-Application Pack comes with a Colourant (Tube) & Developer (Bottle), and 2 Colour Protect Conditioner sachets

2015 Godrej Expert Pack